Real estate investment has been the best decision for everyone. In relation with International real estate prices, Pakistani Real Estates are extremely under valued. With the availability of Land being scarce especially in the urban cities it’s the ideal time to invest in Urban Real Estate Properties. Empire Holdings is offering a unique investment opportunity to all our investors/home owners.


Proposed Central Business District (CBD) of Lahore by the Government of Pakistan: The Opus Luxury Residences is located 500 meters from the Proposed CBD of Lahore. Take a minute to check out the following links to gauge the expected returns on investments once the CBD is complete:


“Be the proud owner of your home, make it yours with our 5:85:10 easy installment plan”

We are offering easy installment plans for our homeowners to fulfill their dream of living in downtown Lahore. Today, almost all public and private banks are offering mortgage loans. Home Owners can also avail this option, if they wish to pay for their homes in easy installments over a much longer period of time. Eligibility criteria and requirements vary from bank to bank. Investors are advised to understand them clearly and carefully, ask for clarification from bank staff when in doubt. Following links provide helpful information:


Overseas Pakistanis are one of the biggest assets of Pakistan. Its time we appreciate their services and love towards this great Country of Ours.

  • Empire Holdings is geared up to provide personalized services for Overseas Pakistanis. Any Overseas Pakistanis investor shall be given monthly feedback via email with progress report of the project along with pictures and market reports.
  • Empire Holdings will offer management services to Overseas Pakistanis. You can choose amongst the following options

Short Term Rentals

Typically few months. The investor can stay at his home for 30 days when he/she returns back to Pakistan for work or vacation. All rentals would be paid out to the investors (after deduction of management fee).

Long Term Rentals

Typically One to Two years. All rentals would be paid out to the Investors (after deduction of management fee).

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