Driven by the pursuit of perfection and extreme attention to detail. Empire Holdings
is here to deliver the finest properties in terms of location, quality and design.


To pursue exceptional design and develop dynamic, contemporary living spaces. Excellence in design and a commitment to client satisfaction is paramount to our values here at Empire Holdings. Through our partnership with some of the leading architects, we are able to deliver solutions that consistently exceed expectations. Working with a dedicated team of in-house designers and sales professionals, we are geared up to make an impact over this wonderful Country we live in. We develop and manage attractive and affordable luxury residential properties.


Housing is amongst the basic need of human beings. Pakistan is facing a severe shortage of housing and the backlog is rapidly rising with the increase in population. Estimates show that there is a shortage of about 8 to 10 million houses in Pakistan.

Punjab province alone, having a population of 82 million, is facing a shortage of 5 million houses. There is an incremental demand for 700,000 units a year against the annual construction of 150,000 units. The demand and supply gap is resulting into serious repercussions for the society. Therefore, the need of the hour is to exploit the hidden potentials of the housing and construction sector. Like all modern urban cities of the world, its time for Lahore to move its construction methodology from horizontal to vertical living.


To offer quality and innovative products, unsurpassed service and value for money.
To maintain profitability and optimum returns for their investment.
To maximise the potential of staff and care for their personal well being and career development.
To serve the community we operate in so as to create a better place for all, especially caring for the less fortunate, enhancing youth development, promoting the arts and conserving the environment.
To select based on quality work and their ability to complement our commitment to environment, health and safety.


Our Business Model is the core of Empire’s strategy, where projects play the central part. Value to our investors and benefits to our occupants are our priority. Our business model is based on the following criteria:


First phase is selection of Land and is the most important phase of the project. As many factors have to be kept in mind while finalizing the Land Procurement Process such as location, distances to basic necessities and potential of appreciation of investment, amongst others.


Second phase is Planning, which requires the services of renowned architects and engineers to give life to the vision of the project on paper. Scrutinizing every detail with no stone un turned to make the project flawless.


Third phase is a mixture of Build and Sale. We start the ground breaking with a pre-launch event, where we encourage buyers to make the bookings. We wish to give maximum benefit to our investors to buy at a discounted pre-launch price and enjoy the appreciation while the project is built. We also wish to give an opportunity to our buyers to buy at staggered payments, where they don’t have to pay the whole amount in one go and rather pay in installments till project completion, yet fixing the price for their home and hedging against property appreciation.


Empire Holdings is committed to protecting the environment and ensuring the sustainability of our communities.

  • Our environmental policy adheres to strict operating guidelines to ensure that we impose minimal impact on the eco-system in which we operate. We work hard to educate our employees, contractors and suppliers on their responsibility towards the environment.
  • We seek to minimize the depletion of both local and global natural resources through optimal use, recovery and recycling of material and energy.
  • We take strict measures to dispose all construction waste products in the proper manner to prevent pollution.
  • We are committed to upholding the highest standards in environmental sustainability across all aspects of our operations.
  • We will continue to be vigilant in conserving natural resources and preventing environmental pollution for our communities and future generations.